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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a VPS

Most site owners feel that they have often made a bad or wrong choice with their hosting services, at least once over the course of their business. Needless to say, choosing a web hosting can be an overwhelming process, and the endless options available today can often mislead people into ending up with a service that they never wanted in the first place. While this could be on the sides of both the service provider and the client, the end result is always the loss of business. And most naturally, no one wants that.

If you are a site owner looking for a web host, you might want to avoid these mistakes so you can make an intelligent decision.

Not going for a managed hosting plan

This can work at the initial stages of the website when the business in small and still growing. But once the site expands, more data gets added, and traffic increases, even an in-house team does not suffice. Eventually, you have an overworked tech team, where there are high chances of slip-ups. That is when you need your hosting provider to take care of the daily server operations, heighten its security, check for new resource requirements, monitor threats, and so on. Even with Virtual Server hosting, which is far more secure, faster, and efficient than traditional systems, you do need someone to supervise it.

Not cross-referencing the hosting provider with customer reviews

Reviews help you relate to not only other businesses with similar needs but also help us vet the hosting provider that you are working with. We often hear about people relying solely on the sales pitch of the hosting service provider and later learning about hidden clauses and bad customer service. To avoid all these chaos, research about the company and check for feedbacks of other customers with your kind of business and hosting requirement and who have benefited from the hosting company.

Focusing on price over quality

Not that price isn’t a major driver of decisions; it cannot be the only one. Opting for cheaper services initially often leads to more expensive affairs in the future. Many site owners opt for shared hosting to avoid high investments, but eventually when their site needs more resources, they either try to pay more for the additional services or switch to another host. In both the scenarios, they end up spending more than they started out with.

Not choosing the right hosting plan

One of the most common things that people do is to get a basic plan for businesses like e-commerce, or news sites, where traffic spikes are obvious in a matter of weeks. In such cases, opt for a VPS hosting plan which can help you make provisions for the future if the need so arises.

Not finding a host with advanced security

Security is a non-negotiable aspect of your hosting service. You must protect your customer and business data. Check for a hosting provider who offers a free SSL certificate and uses advanced security tools. Most reliable service providers also provide monitoring of the server system to check for hacks.

Summing up…

Always remember that no matter what kind of hosting you choose, choosing a good VPS host can go a long way, and choosing the wrong can affect your business to a great extent. So, research, read reviews, and prioritize your website needs before making a decision. Good luck!