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Here are few tips for instagram users 

These tips are  basic tips which most of the people often neglect so it is important to make a note of these tips and follow these for Better safety of your account not only instagram even in other sites too.

  • Always after your work it is that site you should log out of if you are not using an application and even if you are using any other devices other than yours like your friends or family or anybody else and if using in public computers too orelse other may use your account and sometimes your friends without any intention using your Insta they may login and like few websites which have cookies and spyware and your account can be easily hacked so always remember to log out.
  • There will be a box below password mentioned remember me and never tick that if you are using any other devices except yours because it automatically log in your account without requiring your password so always untick that box before signing in orelse you may fall in trouble as along with you other person also uses your account and view your chat box and other personal content of yours and even they can misuse by sending messages to unknown people for fun. And nowadays it’s a trend followed by many mischievous people and hackers to hack Instagram accounts and asking the followers of the hacked accounts for money saying I’m in emergency and need money and send it to this number or send by scanning qr code and people send money thinking they are sending money to their friends so be aware of it.

  • Never share your password with anyone other than you and only you because sometimes sharing password or hints may make you to fall in risks and even you shouldn’t share with your close friend on whom you trust more and never share your password in any other accounts because hackers can see your chattings and password which you have messaged to them  and can access with them.

  • Never open your account using unknown links and when you are suspicious, you need to click on links only when the website address is proper and genuine orelse people who do phishing can hack your account and retrieve all the information you provided there. As nowadays phishing sites are more as it is easy to create.