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Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime – Which is the Best?

So, we are all locked into our homes and are limited in what we can do. This is great news for streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime but which of them is the best? They all offer movies, documentaries and television series that we can watch on our televisions, laptops and mobile devices but which has the best package overall?

This is what this article aims to find out.


If you were to go on value for money for a wide range of services, Amazon Prime wins hands down. As well as getting access to their video content, you are also given two-day shipping on any goods bought, special prices on goods, and some cloud storage. Students also get a 50% discount on the total price.

The cheapest in terms of just video content is Hulu and the most expensive is Netflix. That said, there are not huge amounts in it.


In terms of quantity, again, Amazon is the winner here. The issue is that for most, quality is preferred over sheer quantity. Netflix wins here easily while a netflixvpn would give you access to content from other regions which increases the overall numbers. Netflix creates its content as well as having exclusive rights to some major television shows and movies.

For the reasons above, we are going to give this category to Netflix. They have a large catalogue of content which offers a higher standard than anything else on offer today.


There are not many devices that you can buy that do not already come with Netflix fully-loaded into the software. Televisions, smartphones and computers have already been targeted by Netflix with you just needing an account to access their content. Amazon is not too far behind either, especially in the US.

Hulu can be used on various devices but it is not quite at the level of the other two. You will usually have to make the conscious decision to download their apps and software rather than already have it staring you in the face.

Ease of Use

They all score fairly highly here as content is easily found using their excellent interfaces. Netflix probably edges it here but even they are not quite perfect. One annoying feature of Netflix is that they always put their self-created content above anything else. It is annoying to always see Netflix movies and television series at the top of all categories. We should be able to choose for ourselves without having Netflix originals pushed down our throat at every opportunity.

The Winner

Taking all of the above categories into consideration, we have to give it to Netflix. They might be more expensive than the others but considering the quality content, ease of use, reputation and the compatibility that they offer, you can see why it might cost a bit more. With a vpn Netflix offers even more. You can log into different regions and get access to geo-restricted content that you would not have had access to previously. That just extends the amount of content on offer.