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Opposing Views on the 5G Network

5G networks were rolled out in 2018, and they started to become widely available in 2019 and 2020. There has been a lot of talk and a lot of excitement about the 5G network. It is expected to be over 100x faster than the 4G network. As with any new technology, there are plenty of people that oppose and support its introduction to society. This article introduces the concern that some people have over the health implications of 5G networks, and it also provides an overview of this new network’s potential impact on the development of new and developing technologies.


Is a 5G Network Dangerous?


People that oppose 5G networks believe that the radio frequencies of a 5G network can be dangerous. They believe that the radio frequency of 5G can damage your DNA, cause cancer, premature aging, and other diseases in the long run. There were waves of opposition for 3G and 4G networks as well, and supporters say the 5G network is not all that different from the networks that came before it. The internet was already high speed with 4G service, and the average consumer will not see a huge difference with 5G service when they are just browsing the internet or streaming. The 5G network will be ground-breaking for the development of some smart technologies like the self driving car, however.


What Will the 5G Network do for Society?


Endorsers of 5G say that this network is necessary to develop technology that will allow the world to continue to develop and push innovations further. It is expected that the 5G network will help to drive innovations in smart technologies. Technologies that are often brought up when discussing the possibilities of the 5G network are self-driving cars, smart stadiums, virtual or augmented reality, and robotics. All these technologies might sound futuristic or unrealistic to the average consumer. Some might say the idea of extreme technological advancement is exciting, and others might find it a little scary. What is unclear is how quickly these new and innovative technologies will progress with the introduction of the 5G network. There are several wireless companies that already offer a 5G network. Carriers include but are not limited to Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. 5G is still very new, so carriers of this network can look into using 5g test network services to ensure that their services are running optimally.


Final Thoughts


This article has addressed the viewpoints of supporters as well as opposers of the 5G network. This is a new technology, and it will probably take years to see how it affects the development of innovative and developing technologies. Although it’s easy to fear the health implications that come with new technology, it could take years to discover adverse impacts the 5G network has on health. No major problems have arisen using 3G and 4G networks, and this should offer some peace of mind to those that fear health implications of 5G. Time will tell what the future holds!