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Players Unknown Battle Ground – How To Use The Rifles In TDM?

Are you getting bored? If yes, then you must start playing the very popular game called Player’s Unknown Battle Ground on your phone. Well, it is possible to use the emulator in the personal computer in order to access the PUBG game. However, when it comes to aim in the TDM or in any other gaming mode, then players face complication in the process of killing the enemies. All you need to do is using the aimbots that can easily support you to become a smart player. Make sure, only pubg hack can help you to kill the enemies quickly and push the ranks quickly. 

Which rifle would be best for playing the TDM?

No doubt, plethora kinds of weapons are existing at the platform of the PUBG game, but one of the complicated task before starting the TDM is the choosing the right weapons. Well, as you know that there are two different kinds of weapons are available in the game that may easily make every player in the confusion that which would be the best. Here are two different kinds of the weapons that you can easily choose in order to play the TDM in the PUBG-

Beryl M762 – To commence with the M762 that is very amazing assault rifle type weapons in the game. Therefore, it comes with the damage of 46 that is really unbelievable. If we talk about the body hit impact power then it goes to 10,000 and the bullet speed goes to 715 m/s. If you are using it in the TDM then make sure, you need to take the 7.62 bullets in the bulk because this assault rifle will take these bullets. Player mostly complaints about the recoil, so along with the use of aimbots you can easily handle the recoil in the TDM match. 

M416 – If you are person who is not able to handle the recoil then simply start working on the use of the M416 because this rifle will give you accurate aim. In short, you will never miss a single shot in the game so simply start working on the outcomes of this rifle. You can even use the pubg hack for making your gameplay more better so be ready for taking its benefits in the TDM match of PUBG. This rifle will ask you to take 5.56 bullets so try to collect it more for this rifle. Because of this 5.56 ammo, the M416 deals reduced damage to the gun. 


Despite the use of pubg hack, one thing that always keeps in the mind is that you need to wear the armor as well as the helmet that can protect you from the attacks. Not only this, you try to pay attention on the attachments of the rifles that will give you chance to handle the recoil of the rifles those creates disturbance such as AKM as well as the M762 in the match. Even in the classic match you can become better player. Use the magazine such as quick-draw or even the extended once.