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Internet is a time-consuming content that makes long hours of a day less effective. There are some top free online gaming sites so that you can waste more hours on the computer than you do. 

  1. Kongregate 

It has been the main online gaming site since introduced in 2007, now owned by Gamestop Production. There is a variety of games i.e. shooters, role-playing, puzzle, action, and online multiplayer. Registration and signing up is free. Premium membership($30 annually) which includes ad-free gaming, private chat rooms, special themes, icons, etc.  

  1. 3. Armor Games 

It is an awesome gaming site pleasing the game of nerd inside all of us. These games show a deep, ever-expanding catalog of some of the Web’s most renowned online games. You can take a free account to access the features such as achievements.  

  1. Addicting games 

It is one of the best online gaming sites. It has an extensive category list. It has a category for girls and “cute-shooters”. It is one of the childish and is operated by Nickelodeon. But it has something for everyone.  

  1. Newgrounds 

Newgrounds is one of the best flash-based games and animation sites on the web. A great selection of games, from the action and adventure genre to the more obscure simulation and adult-only titles. A free game will lead you to leaderboards and in-game medals.  

  1. MiniClip  

It is the world’s largest privately-owned online game website on the planet. It is at the top for the most substantial games along with the addicting game, housing genres show to the holiday, and five-minute, etc. MiniClip features all types of standard genres. There is a remarkable selection of sports games. It is one of the beefy sites on the list.