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5 Common Problems You May Face With Smartphones & How to Get Rid Of Them

Smartphones are sophisticated devices that are designed to perform almost anything that a desktop can do. Nowadays, it comes with a lot of processing power and you can do some really process-intensive jobs on your phone. Smartphones these days are not only fast and sleek but designed to stand against harsh physical conditions and water. But, still, they can develop problems over time. Let us take a look at some of the most common problems with smartphones and how you could solve them.

  1. The phones are running slow

One of the most common problems that start to show as the phones get older is slowing down. One of the main reasons is the installation of unnecessary apps that use up the primary memory of the device. You should try to keep the phone free off unnecessary apps and files. You should remove the unnecessary files and clean up the cache space. An app diagnostic also does a similar job. If you still cannot resolve the issue, you would need to resort to factory reset.

  1. A poor battery life

This is a problem everyone would face with an aging phone. There would be battery draining, slow charging and complete failure to accept charge. Smartphones are so useful that battery draining is the foremost issue. Draining occurs when the phone loses charge even without being used. You should find out if there is any app in particular that is draining out too much charge. You can find this out from Settings and then find out the battery percentage that each app is using. You can remedy this by removing the apps and dimming the brightness.

  1. A shortage of storage space

Smartphone storage would be mostly filled with pictures and videos. You should ensure good storage when you buy the smartphone. Otherwise, you would need to worry about this very soon. Phones are discarding the expandable memory and replacing it with fast device memory. You should clean cache at these times. You can remove apps that you do not need and transfer some files from your memory to the cloud.

  1. Crashing of an app or the phone

The phone can crash if it runs out of space in the primary memory or there is an unresolved bug in the app. You need to clean the app data. You should also avoid using multiple apps at the same time. You can troubleshoot your phone by restarting the device, removing the battery and restoring it to factory settings or by flashing the device yourself, refer link for steps on how to use the Lenovo Motorola Smart Assistant. If you rather have technician to solve this problem you can visit the nearbyService Center for quick resolutions.

  1. The phone heats up too much

The overheating problem occurs when the smartphone is used too much. The process-intensive apps like games might raise the temperature of the device by overuse of the IC chips in the processor. You should try not to use the app while it is being charged. Also, you could take off the cover if you are using one.

These are some of the most common problems with a smartphone. You can remedy these by yourself or get your phone repaired at the nearest Mobile Service Center.