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Can a Thermal Detection Camera Protect Your Employees?

You’re surely aware of the danger called Covid-19. It is a virus that originated in China that has completely taken over the entire world. The time for stopping the disease turn into a global pandemic is long gone, and now, we can only try to protect ourselves and the people we care about. Learn more about the virus here.

The World Health Organization announced the most important things for preventing the spreading of this disease. Their advice is to always wear a mask over the face and maintain social distance. Also, often hand-washing is a smart thing to do because the virus can stay alive for a longer period on the surface that you may touch with your hands.

Since not all people care too much about this, it’s our job to find out if someone’s carrying the disease and make sure we prevent them from infecting someone else.

In this article, we’ll try to explain how the thermal detection camera can make a difference. Follow up if you want to know more about this piece of technology and how helpful can it be for ending the situation with the coronavirus!

What is a thermal detection camera?

There are more types, brands, and companies creating these thermal cameras. Some of the best ones can do some amazing things. If you want to know about the best, read more on the link and find out how the best of the best function.

In short, the thermal detection camera is a simple CCTV camera that is equipped with an artificially intelligent computer that does all the magic. The camera has a scanner that manages to measure the body temperature of everyone going under the scanner.

If someone has higher body temperature, it means that chances to be infected with Covid-19 is over 90%. One of the sure symptoms for it is the raised body temperature, along with the feeling of tiredness and dry cough.

When the camera and the AI-driven computer running in the background detect a person with a higher temperature, they instantly send information to the team of people who are there to take care of the situation and take these people away from the area. This easily helps in the battle for stopping the spreading.

Why are thermal cameras better than standard thermometers?

The standard digital thermometer manages to easily, and within seconds, measure the temperature of a person. However, they must be steady and in reach of the person measuring. What is problematic here is that a manual digital thermometer can often be wrong. A lot of factors can interfere with their results. See more about this here: https://www.checkupnewsroom.com/7-types-of-thermometers-and-to-what-degree-you-should-trust-them/.

For example, sweat, hair, or dirt on the face can give completely false results. In this case, a person might be sick, and the results will show nothing. Then, they’ll get in the building and infect everyone they’ll get in touch with.

Unlike them, a thermal camera scans everyone walking in its range. The scanner manages to measure the temperature of everyone who’s walking under the objective. Some of the greatest scanners manage to measure the temperature of more than a thousand people in an hour.

How are they doing this?

The thermal scanners work with the help of artificial intelligence. The technology is responsible for the detection of faces and measuring the temperature. Without it, this would be impossible.

When the AI computer fixates a face, they stay on it until the scanner does its job. If the body temperature is within normal, then no alarm is turned on, but if a person’s body temperature is higher, then the system will sound the alarm and send a notification to the people who are supposed to take care of the situation. Learn more about artificial intelligence here.

If the person who got noticed being sick is not taken away from the area immediately, the chance for the disease to spread around gets bigger. That’s why thermal cameras are so great. They send a notification immediately and the problem is solved immediately.

The best part is that if a person manually measures the temperature of everyone getting inside an object it will take a lot of time. The thermal camera won’t slow down the process of entering inside by the employees. Big corporations have a lot of people getting in at the same time and if they need to get in one by one, it will take hours until everyone’s temperature is measured properly.


As you can see, technology is very convenient and can make a huge difference in the battle against Covid-19. We, as humanity, need to take all the possible steps for solving this problem.

This is a deadly disease and we must eliminate any chance of getting infected. Not just because it will endanger us and the other colleagues, but because it may take innocent lives.

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