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How To Create A Facebook Page?

To create a Facebook page, you must keep in mind the importance of using social media in your marketing strategy. From a Fanpage, you can create Facebook campaigns with different goals, such as brand recognition, increased traffic on the website or blog, involvement, and much more.

And it’s straightforward to create your page, just in 6 steps according to http://promorepublic.com/en/blog/set-shop-facebook-step-step-guide-beginners/:

  1. Access Facebook

To create a Facebook page, you must go to the link:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/create. You will be redirected to a page that offers two paths: “business or brand” and “community or public figure.”

If you are looking to do business on Facebook, the tip is to go with the first option. Now, if you work with an NGO or are an influencer, click on “start” under the “community or public figure” option.

Each of the categories has particular subcategories. The intention here is to clarify the purpose of your brand. From here, to continue the process, you will need to log in to your personal Facebook account. She will become the Fanpage admin, having their logins connected.

  1. Define The Page Name, Segment, And Description

The first information you must provide to create your page is name, category, and description. The first two are mandatory, and the character must be free — Facebook itself signals if your option is available.

The description is the only optional part of this form. There are 255 characters available to inform people about your company, your services, and the page’s purpose.

  1. Choose Your Profile Image And Fanpage Cover

You must click on the “create page” button in the lower-left corner to proceed through the process. Now is the time to choose the look of your page.  You will see a preview of how your page on desktop will and mobile. These arts must be well related to your brand, already generating a straightforward relationship between your company and visitors. Once added, click “Save” in the lower-left corner.

  1. Edit Page Information

Now your page is created, but you still need to proceed with the settings! You will need to add: your phone number, your company’s website, your contact email, the location of the establishment, the service area, the service hours, the price range, and the other accounts on social networks.

When setting the time, you will receive a notification if the business is open or closed. Essential information for anyone looking to do business with you, right?

  1. Add A Call To Action

A nice new feature that Facebook has added to pages in recent years is adding a call-to-action button to the profile.

The company administrator can direct this button to the following actions:

  • follow;
  • gift certificate on the website;
  • initiate an order;
  • make a reservation;
  • call the establishment;
  • contact us;
  • send a message via Facebook Messenger;
  • send a message via WhatsApp;
  • send an email;
  • register;
  • use the app;
  • watch a video;
  • buy now.

The button appears in the right corner of the profile.

  1. Make Tabs And Tabs On Your Profile

Facebook also offers the possibility to add custom tabs or categories. They will appear right below your profile picture in a list format. You can choose from nearly 30 options guides. This function helps direct people and customers to specific options such as a product presentation, photo highlighting, information about your establishment’s menu, and more.