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Smartphone problems that can be repaired easily

Smartphones are not that cheap, in fact, the latest iPhone can cost you around $1,500 dollars while Samsung has the same price range as the latter as well as the other brands because of its features, storage, screen display, and other features that make its price tag hefty.

However, regardless of how expensive smartphones are nowadays, it is not safe from getting damaged. In fact, smartphones are still fragile no matter it has scratch-proof glass, metallic covers, and even being waterproof, damages will find its way when you least expect it.

To make you aware of these damages and also prevent all of this from happening, you should check out the five most common smartphone problems that you may encounter, or have encountered already according to one of the best device repair service in Watford, UK.

  1. Cracked screen– Just like what is mentioned above, a cracked screen is one of the most heart-breaking things that could happen to your smartphone. It is totally frustrating and whilst it can work right now, there is a huge chance that your phone could become unusable the next moment that is why it is better to get it repaired right away rather than to wait for later
  2. Water damage– One of the most damaging substances that can easily ruin an electronic or electrical device is water and regardless of how expensive your smartphone is; it is not waterproof. If your smartphone is submerged in water, it is not actually totaled at all. There are a lot of ways you can do to save it. The first step you can try is to wipe off the excess water off your phone. You should not try to turn on your phone while it is still wet because it will cause its board to short-circuit. Second, you should drench your wet smartphone in a bowl of uncooked rice that will surely absorb all the remaining moisture and water by leaving it for two days straight. If you are somehow techy, you can dismantle your smartphone and use a blow dryer to speed up its drying process before you drench it in a bowl of uncooked rice.
  3. Freezing screen– One of the most common problems and also, it is one of the easiest problems to solve right away. Either you can turn off and turn on your smartphone again, or you can hard reset it by holding down the home button of the smartphone at the same time to fix it.
  4. smartphone does not turn off– By holding down the home button and the sleep/wake button, until the logo of Apple appears on the screen, it works normally, however, there are a lot of smartphones out there that does not work this way, instead, it remained powered on and it won’t let the user turn it off that needs a hard reset, or worse, you have to bring it to a technician to repair the problem that may come from its circuit board.
  5. Battery easily drains– There are many types of smartphones out there that have a big tendency to drain its battery very quickly. There is a simple solution to prevent this from happening by turning off all of the unnecessary applications that you are not using because this is a factor that causes your battery to drain quickly.  Also, you have to reduce the brightness of your smartphone because this uses a lot of battery without you knowing it.