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The main features of a spy app

As we know, almost each child has a smart phone. They spend lots of time with their phone for playing games, chatting with their friends. So the parents need a parental control app to control the children’s time for playing mobile phones.  There are many spy apps or parental control app these days in the app stores. Parents can use this innovation to monitor and control the target phone anytime or anywhere from your phone or turn on someone’s cell phone microphone.

There are many spy apps including free or paid ones. Parents can check their functions carefully and make sure the spy app you choose are meeting your demand. If you choose free app, there is not any problem. Basically a spy app has many functions; following are some basics of them.

Check phone contacts

Parents are worried about who their child is communicating through their smart phone. Maybe you can find some children who you wish your child not to contact with, the strangers in the contact lists. In case such a situation, you can talk to your child.

Monitor Social apps

Many mobile spy app can track the messages, pictures sent from social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter that came with the phone.  With the help of the spy app, you can get a better picture what apps you child is using and what your child is talking about in these social apps.

Monitor the website content

There are much content online which is not good for your child to browse. You can know what your child search online and what kind of content he or she likes reading. You can set block for websites which has harmful content for children

If you want to get the best spy app, you can choose TTSPY which is one of the most popular tracking apps for iPhone and Android. Until now, TTSPY spy app has helped people around the world track all types of phones. After install the spy app on the target phone, you can remotely track all the activities from the target phone through the spy app dashboard.

With the TTSPY spy app, you can track all the information on the target phone including SMS, social media app messages such as Facebook Messenger messages, browsing history and GPS location. There are many other functions such as no jailbreak version, parental controls and even keyloggers of the TTSPY spy app. If you want to try it, you can visit its official website and download it now.