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Updating your mobile software: 5 simple steps

There’s nothing easier than updating your Android phone. We list the 5 steps you need to complete.

Phone manufacturers regularly release new software updates, so that all the phones under their brand can remain on par with each other. Software updates also improve the phone’s output, conserve battery power, introduce new functions or fine tune existing ones, and so on.  

Can you get help in updating your phone?

If you’re not sure about doing the update yourself, it is always wiser to take it to someone who is, such as the phone’s authorised service centre. For instance, if you’re a Motorola user, you can take the phone to the Motorola service centre and have them check for and install new updates.

If you want to update your phone yourself

Your phone will flash this kind of notification: ‘An update is available’ with the prompt to ‘Do it now’ or ‘Update’. You must click on this notification to get the update. But if you haven’t received this notification and still want an upgrade, here’s what you do at this point:

#1.  Switch on Wi-Fi.

Every software update needs a Wi-Fi connection because the process needs a seamless transfer of data that your phone’s data connection may not be able to provide. If a new update is not available or if you want to do this later, you can switch off Wi-Fi and revert to phone data.

#2.  Open your phone settings.

Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone is often seen on the home screen. Click on it.

#3.  Click on ‘About phone’.

In ‘Settings’, you will see a long list of options, many of which you recognise (such as Display, Sound, Network, etc.) Scroll down the list to find the option for ‘About phone’. This option is normally seen near or after ‘Developer options’ or ‘Regulatory and Safety’ etc. Click on it.

#4.  Click on ‘Check for updates’.

When you hit ‘About phone’, you will see a field marked ‘Software’. Click on it and you will find the term ‘Check for updates’. Click on it – if a new update is available, it will be stated upfront and you can click on it to get it. If not, you will see the term ‘Not updated yet’. If you want notifications about available new updates, you must switch the ‘Check automatically’ button to ON.

#5.  Hit the update option.

Depending on your phone’s OS, you will see the terms ‘Reboot and install’, or ‘Install now’ or even ‘Install system software’. Click on it and your phone will automatically start the update process. After the update is downloaded, the phone may prompt you to restart/reboot the device to complete the update. Do this and get the new software update on your phone. 

Fixing glitches

You might rarely notice that your phone’s performance is negatively affected after an update – it becomes slower, consumes more battery, needs constant recharging, etc. Self-help – Back up date and use self-help options to flash or update your device. If your still facing concerns nstead of tinkering with it yourself, just show it to the service centre and have them fix the issues.