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Here’s How Two Way Radios Can Help Keep Lone Workers Safe

It is important to realize that whatever it is that you do in whichever industry you work in, safety should be one of the top priorities of employers for their workers. It is without a doubt that worrying about the safety of a friend or a family member comes naturally to us. Even a business owner or a supervisor of a top tier firm would understand this.

When you rent two way radios, it is a big step in ensuring the safety of your workers.

There are a number of radio rentals in the market that will help you keep your workers safe. Always remember that safety begins with the proper assessment of risks as well as the act of setting limits for what is allowed during lone work. In fact, these are the procedures that are advised by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

To make this post more cohesive, let us try to define what a lone worker is.

A lone worker, as the name suggests, is someone who works alone. Typically, he or she works in a fixed facility, which is far from the usual base. Lone workers are often associated with those who work in factories or warehouses during the weekends or at night. There are times when lone workers also apply to those who work in maintenance and repair, utilities, construction, agriculture, and so on.

Now, let us determine how two-way radio rentals can help keep these lone workers safe.

Well, the lone worker system is much more capable once it utilizes two-way radio rentals. With this, they’ll be able to send a signal within a pre-set period. It sets an initial transmission state, which ranges from five to 80-minute reminder intervals.

Remember that should the user make a transmission within this period, the alert will be reset to this particular time. It is easy to use as all you need to do to acknowledge the alert is to press a button. This is a simple and effective manner to let the management team know that the lone worker is doing fine.

So, what if the radio remains unanswered?

Should this happen, an emergency signal will be given out to alert the personnel that is nearest to the lone worker. This can also work in relation to the “man-down” feature, which happens to be a tilt-switch within radio rentals. If it is turned on for more than a pre-set period, an alert signal will be sent to the control center.

The beauty of two way radios is that it is built for simplicity. It takes into account the importance of the ease of alerting the control center should there be any emergencies or accidents. Furthermore, its one-touch operation can help guarantee instant communication when you need it the most.

There have been a number of companies that rent two way radios – and it has proven to be very useful in keeping lone workers safe!

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