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How to Keep the Kids Entertained During the COVID-19 Lockdown

While being in lockdown affects everybody, we must think about our kids as much as possible. We might not be able to go out, work or do anything else that we might usually but kids are not as well equipped to deal with boredom as we are. Playing their video games and watching Netflix USA is only going to last so long before they get bored of doing that.

This is why we have come up with a few things that you can do to help keep your children entertained during these testing times.

Get Them Baking in the Kitchen

There are so many benefits to be had by encouraging your children to help you in the kitchen. They have fun, they learn how to cook, you get a hand and everybody gets to eat. Of course, there is not much fun involved when cooking pork chops, so pick something exciting such as baking for the kids to help with. Cupcakes, cookies and anything else that is sweet, cause a mess and tastes great will have your kids having the time of their lives.

Go on Holiday Virtually

While we would ideally like to keep our children’s eyes away from screens as much as possible during the lockdown, a virtual holiday is a good way to interact and have fun with them. You can ask them to pick a country and city and take to Google. You can use Google Maps to walk down the streets, check out national landmarks and essentially just have some great fun. You could even make it a little educational by teaching them the history or story behind each location or attraction.

Exercise With the Kids

It is no secret that children are little bundles of energy and that they need some to expend it. Having them running around the house is going to end in tears; yours when they break something and theirs when they hurt themselves. Instead, why not exercise with the kids? Trow on a Youtube workout session on the big screen TV and have them working out alongside you. They have fun, you stay fit and they expel some of that energy.

Build an Indoor Camp

You know how kids love to build treehouses or camps when outside, well why not do this with them on the inside. Space permitting, you could use furniture, blankets, boxes and any other materials that you can think of to build a secret little camp for your children to enjoy. They will sit in there for hours – until dinner time of course.


Lockdown has proved to be difficult to many when it comes to keeping their kids entertained but with a little thought and taking heed of some of the advice above, this can be done. We do not want them glued to Netflix America or their cellphones and games consoles all day long as this is unhealthy, so instead, think up something that you and they can do together.