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How to Repair Broken MJPEG Files?

MJPEG is a video file format that stands for Motion JPEG. It is used by digital cameras, video cameras, video editors, etc. to capture videos. Essentially, this file format presents various images together in the form of a video and is used for high definition quality through compressed images. 

However, despite the superiority of the file format, MJPEG videos are also susceptible to damage and corruption. This means that you may not be able to open the video files or even view them on your system if they are broken or corrupted. If this is a situation you are facing or would like to know how to resolve it, then keep reading.

Reasons of Broken MJPEG Files

There could be multiple reasons why MJPEG files get broken. Some of these are as follows: 

1. Incomplete or improper download of files

2.  Incomplete or improper copy of files from one device to another

3. Corruption of the memory card leading to video corruption

4. Virus or malware attacks affecting the device, system and / or the video file

5. Utilization of an unreliable third-party tool to play the video file

6. Operating system malfunction

Precautionary Measures to Take

Before your MJPEG files are broken, there are some precautionary measures that you can take to avoid losing your precious videos. These are: 

Use a Proper Player

When playing your MJPEG files, utilize a reliable and standard player so that your videos play properly. Using unauthorized players may damage your files, leading to loss of the video or reduction of its quality. 

Download Without Interruptions

Another important point to note is that when downloading MJPEG files, you should try not to run multiple other applications simultaneously. This could slow down the download process or interrupt the transfer. Other interruptions include power surges, electricity short circuits, and sudden shut down of the system, etc. 

Invest In Anti-Virus

By downloading and using a trustworthy anti-virus program, you will be able to eliminate the possibility of video damage caused by virus or malware attacks. By scanning your system periodically and deleting the infected files in a timely manner, you will be protecting your MJPEG videos, as well as your entire system. 

Take Data Backups 

Backing up important data to another device such as a hard drive or memory card will help you keep your videos safe. When doing this, remember that you need to backup your data into a functional storage medium and not a corrupted or faulty one. 

If your MJPEG video files are already broken and inaccessible, then don’t panic. With the right kind of professional guidance, you can get your videos back in no time.

Professional Assistance

Once you are sure that your MJPEG videos are broken, you can download an authorized recover software such as Stellar Repair for Video. This tool can not only repair multiple videos at once, but it also has an advanced repair feature that can repair corrupted video files even if they are severely damaged. 

You can start by downloading the trial version of the video recovery software for free. This will scan and preview the videos requiring repair on your system. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can proceed with purchasing the premium version. With just three clicks, the tool will repair damaged video files and you can get your videos back in perfect condition. All you need to do is Add, Repair, and Save.

In Summation

Losing access to your videos can be very frustrating, especially when you have spent hours capturing moments that are very important to you. However, you don’t need to worry or panic because you can easily fix your MJPEG files at the comfort of your own home. For situations like this, video repair software offers the most convenient and effective solution. However, this does not mean that any software will suffice. You need to download an authorized software such as Stellar’s Video Repair tool. 

Stellar Data Recovery is a pioneer in the data recovery industry with over 25 years of experience in serving millions of clients across the world. At Stellar, recovery is a guarantee. With the 30 day money back guarantee and a success rate of over 95%, Stellar Repair for video should be your one stop destination for your MJPEG file recovery needs.