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Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving

A significant portion of work-related content is available on either electronic devices or mobile phones of employees. Even employees under-regulated industries spend the majority of their time using them for work and even personal purposes.

The need to have mobile archiving solutions is needed more than ever with the prevalent use of messaging to communicate, especially with the rise of new communication platforms.

It is crucial for various industry sectors, such as the legal and financial sectors, to capture and monitor text messages for easy retrieval during business operations. Chances are, a company will eventually face a legal dispute, and in the event of litigation, mobile evidence will help protect your company.

Additionally, it will keep a company in line with industry compliance standards.

TeleMessage is an excellent example of providing messaging solutions to various enterprises trusted by millions of users worldwide. It has a mobile archiver that can effectively archive mobile content, including calls and voice messages from corporate and even BYOD phones.

However, many companies fail to give text messaging at the same level of recordkeeping attention as other digital communication forms. It makes sense to reason that there are risks involved with using mobile devices and archiving content from business discussions.

Learn about the Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving by clicking this infographic from TeleMessage.